Zoho CRM Plus – First Unified Customer-Centric Offering for the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Zoho CRM Plus, the first unified customer-centric software offering that takes customer relationship management beyond the sales cycle and traditional interaction channels. The new offering features an end-to-end, multi-channel approach that provides insight, context and information throughout the entire customer lifecycle — from the moment a customer clicks on an ad or engages in social media to when he or she buys and is retained as a happy customer.

“When the first CRM packages came into the market in the 1990s, Google AdWords didn’t exist, social media didn’t exist and companies had less of a focus on customer service”

Legacy CRM platforms were designed uniquely around sales force automation. Other companies started to fill in the gaps with email marketing, social media and customer support. This led to siloes of information and IT integration pains. If customer information is not stored in a centralized place, it is hard for companies to be customer centric.

Zoho CRM Plus approaches the CRM market from the perspective of the new digital age, where most customer interactions start in Google or Facebook, and allows companies to follow that interaction along every step of the funnel. By having everything in a centralized place accessible by every customer-facing member of the organization, Zoho CRM Plus allows companies to have an unprecedented level of context for each customer during every single touch point. Zoho CRM Plus also provides analytical tools to help companies measure and improve their customer-related activities.

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What is the difference between Zoho Reports and Zoho Creator?

The key difference between Zoho Reports and Zoho Creator is in-depth reporting and analytics vs online custom database application creation.

Zoho Reports enables you to easily create powerful and sophisticated reports with your data by creating online reporting applications. It enables you to slice & dice your data for in-depth visualization and business intelligence. Zoho Creator enables you to quickly create a powerful online database application to collect data and trigger work flows through forms and scripting.

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Top 15 Reasons to Choose Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has your project management and collaboration software

Looking for a project management software with collaboration to manage your projects in a social way ? Here are your reasons to choose Zoho Projects.

  1. Collaborative dashboard with twitter like updates
    The Project Stream gives you a quick overview of the latest activities happening around your project. For example – have any tasks been completed or opened? Did anyone start a new conversation? You can also get a view of the status messages of your fellow project members, so it’s easy to see what everyone is working on.
  2. User Management
    Administrator of a project has privileges to quickly create and define user roles for a project based on its requirement. Various project roles that can be granted to a user is as follows :
  • Administrator : who is the portal owner and needs to customize the entire portal for teams
  • Team Member : for users like Manager, Developers, Testers, Designers that form the core team
  • Clients : clients with limited access over the project

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How To Clean Up Your Business – With Zoho

How To Clean Up Your Business – With Zoho
Entrepreneur.com recently featured an article titled ‘How To Clean Up Your Business‘. The article talks about Spring Cleaning, a time to ‘get rid of the tasks, people and situations that drain time, money and energy from your Business’. Every Business encounters its share of such tasks, people and situations that it must successfully overcome in order to increase and optimize productivity.

I’d like to share some ‘Productivity Pitfalls’ quoted from the original article. At Zoho, we offer several applications which can help eliminate 7 out of these 8 Pitfalls. These Zoho Apps can be used together, in conjunction with one another, to achieve the purpose of maximizing productivity while saving you time, money and energy.

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10 Million users Work Online with Zoho…

With Zoho, you focus on your business while we take care of the rest with apps that help you get more sales, get paid, support your customers and make your business more productive.

Business Applications

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Sales force Automation & CRM Software
  • Help Desk Software for Customer Support
  • Online Form & Online Database
  • Newsletter Templates & Email Marketing
  • Bug Tracking
  • Invoice Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Online Reporting & SAAS BI
  • Email Hosting
  • Free Website Builder
  • Online Survey Builder
  • Online Password Manager

Collaboration Applications

  • Project Management Software & Collaboration
  • Remote Support & Web Meeting
  • Document Management & File Storage
  • Online Forums Software
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Collaborative Website with Wiki
  • Enterprise Social Network

Productivity Applications

  • Online Note Taker
  • Online Spreadsheets
  • Online Presentation Tool
  • Online Word Processor