DMARC deployment services for Indian companies


DMARC has reshaped the email fraud landscape, disrupted longstanding phishing strategies, and forced cybercriminals to abandon preferred targets. Today, DMARC is still the best remedy in the fight against phishing and spoofing. As its implementation continues to spread outward from early adopters, it has the potential to nullify an entire class of email fraud. As proud founding members of DMARC, we will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, helping companies systematically defend themselves, their employees, and their customers.

Global Business Needs a Truly Global Architecture

Google’s announcement emphasizes is the difference in the architecture on which each solution is based. Google offers a true multi-tenant, scalable, grid architecture that was purpose-built for the cloud. This cloud architecture means that Google does not require any planned downtime and does not provide for any downtime in their SLA. On the other hand, Exchange Online is essentially hosted Exchange in a Microsoft datacenter. Microsoft’s “cloud” is built on the same code base that customers can run in their own datacenter and requires regularly scheduled downtime for updates, patches and hotfixes. This hosted architecture is retrofit for the cloud and it requires organizations to choose one primary data center for their system, typically based off of the organization’s corporate “ship to” address. Having to make this decision can cause performance to suffer in offices that are particularly far from the designated data center.

In an ever-growing global economy, organizations need to make informed decisions about which service providers can best meet their needs. In order for CEO’s to make such decisions, they must first understand which provider is best positioned to handle rapid growth and to make a viable uptime commitment. With this in mind, comparing Microsoft and Google side-by-side begs the question: Which service provider is best positioned to meet these needs — one that was born in the older, client-server architecture who is just now retro-fitting to the cloud and obscuring uptime statistics or one that was born in the cloud on a truly global infrastructure and is completely transparent about its availability?

How to talk about Google Apps with your customers?

Some businesses that are part of the Google Apps Referral Programme have been asking for talking points to introduce Google Apps when meeting with their customers. We wanted to share some points they’ve found useful that may help you, too:

  • A custom email address is key to continue building your brand and it’s included when you setup your Gmail account.
  • In addition to Gmail for Work, each user gets 30GB of online storage with Google Drive that works with all file types and syncs with all your devices.
  • Host video meetings with your coworkers and customers using Google Hangouts.
  • Save money and time on travel by connecting from anywhere at any time.
    The admin controls allow you to setup and manage your users easily and safely, so your data always stays safe.

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Get Custom Email For Your Business

Just 15 years ago, Google was three employees working out of a garage. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to start and grow a business. In particular, we know how important it is to build a brand and to communicate quickly with customers and employees wherever you are.

Gmail for Work or Office 365 can help build your brand. It provides custom email for your business name ( You can connect with employees or customers reliably and securely from anywhere and on any devices; laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

There’s 24/7 phone support, and we can help you get an online web address (or domain) if you don’t already have one.

Why your business needs Professional Email solutions?

Emails have been one of the most important channels of communication, particularly for businesses. As more and more individuals have started switching over to mobile text messaging, instant messaging (IMs) or social media, email solutions seems to have lost its sheen. However, this isn’t really true for businesses where emails are still the most popular medium for communication.

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Before You Choose Your Business Email Solution

Email is the backbone of any business and managing it well has become mission critical for the company.

Gone are the days when SMEs fret over their changing email needs and affordability of the email solutions and large organisations considered in-premise hosted email solutions for confidentiality, control and better management of mails, despite it being a ‘white elephant solution’.

Today with cloud based email solutions, they can focus more on their core business than spend time on their email solutions.

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Sync all devices
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