The Five People You Need In Your Digital Marketing Team

When you first get started in business, you and maybe one or two other people wear all the hats. Not only are you the owner of your business, you’re its accountant, IT manager, customer service representative, and marketing rep all at the same time.

Over time though, as your company grows, you’ll find it necessary to branch out and establish teams of specialists. And when this happens, one of the first teams you’ll want to consider building is your digital marketing team.

While there are any number of professionals you could hire at this point, building your digital marketing team will allow you to expand your promotional efforts, bringing in the additional revenue that will enable you to bring on others in the future.

But before you begin hiring these professionals, you’ll want to take a few key steps, including documenting your processes and determining what specialists you’ll need. Once that’s complete, it’s time to get hiring!

Below are the five people you should look for first when building your digital marketing team.

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