Top 5 ways to improve your work life balance

Striking the right work-life balance is something that many desire but few are able to successfully achieve. We live in an age where employees are always connected to their work through mobile devices, making it difficult to unplug completely and lead a peaceful personal life at home.

As entrepreneurs we constantly guilt trip ourselves when our work priorities overtake priorities of staying home with family or giving time to self. As many experts on the subject have pointed out, work-life balance isn’t about building an impenetrable wall between your office and your home life, but finding ways to connect and integrate the two. Based on that notion, here are five actionable ways you can improve your work-life balance today.

Recognize the role of work. Work plays a significant part in life. It keeps the lights on, pays the mortgage, makes the car payment, funds retirement and permits yearly vacations. Adopting the right mindset allows you to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Know and own a support group. Take time to identify your core family and friends support group. This group should be constant and unconditional, and enable you to remain on target and energized. They will help you stay mentally and physically healthy by reminding you to carve out family time, exercise time and laughter time. This, in turn, will generate an overall sense of well-being for you.

Develop one calendar for work and family. A calendar keeps you accountable to both work and family. When a calendar is implemented, you will be able to schedule work activities during the work day and establish a cut off time to be with family. Creating a calendar that works for you will allow you to stick with it to create a true work-life balance.

Learn to breathe. Work can get so demanding that you experience anxiety or become overwhelmed, causing you to literally or figuratively hold your breath. Neither state can be maintained for long for you to be healthy. Relax. Release. Breathe. As you slow down and learn to breathe, it gives you the opportunity to regroup and assess where you are.

Being present requires you to be attentive at home, at work and during free time. The quality of being present makes a significant and positive impact on your surroundings. Being consistent requires you to realize that what you do each and every day matters. Where you spend your time and energy has a direct connection to how successful you are in achieving work life balance. Finally, being accountable allows amazing and wonderful things to happen.

With these tried and tested ways, you are now equipped to work towards striking the right work life balance. Share with us what tip helped you create a shift and brought you peace of mind and happiness.

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