Economics is the science of business and every day it shapes the world we live in, cutting across the most pressing issues facing businesses, investors, regulators and governments. In the midst of the big tides shaping the global economy, our clients rely on us to help them solve their most difficult problems – anything from developing a new strategy to facing a regulator or engaging in high stakes litigation.

Our client base spans the most senior levels of the private and public sectors in the India and overseas. And we use the best evidence and insights available to make a distinctive and lasting impact. We pride ourselves on being a meritocratic, sharp, intellectual, fair and supportive team. Most of all, we love what we do, and we have fun doing it. We all help shape our practice, and we foster a sense of entrepreneurship – everybody has a role in identifying and capitalizing on new business development opportunities and we see that as an integral part of our work.

Key areas:

1. Disputes and investigations: We work alongside high-profile clients and legal counsel to develop sophisticated economic analysis that supports competition and State Aid investigations, and commercial disputes. We help clients establish their case with competition authorities in a clear and constructive way, putting forward arguments and evidence to inform the debate.

Our expertise includes:

  • assessing the risks to competition and efficiencies, competitive constraints and barriers to entry caused by mergers or in particular markets
  • using sophisticated econometric and survey techniques to establish market definition
  • preparing restructuring plans and market studies for cases in which failing firms need urgent rescue or restructuring aid
  • preparing and providing expert testimony before competition authorities.

2. Market reform: We advise governments, regulators, international development organizations and other agencies on the problem and the solution – such as a new market design or delivery model. We advise the companies affected by regulatory and policy change so they can prepare, adapt and benefit. We:

  • develop solutions – collecting evidence, appraising options, conducting cost-benefit analysis
  • put solutions into action – helping organizations respond to opportunities and threats from reform
  • test success and making it stick – evaluating success, and reforming policy and regulation.

3. Foundations for growth: We provide insights on the most important strategic, commercial and operational questions faced by organizations aiming to grow, especially in challenging economic environments. We:

  • find growth opportunities in a low-growth environment by identifying profitable emerging market opportunities
  • build scenarios to understand the impact of technology and social or demographic change on the market
  • assess the total impact – across economic, social, environmental and tax dimensions – of growth opportunities.

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