DMARC is changing the world of E-mail

Email’s Big Upgrade
DMARC is changing the world of email.

Deliverability is changing for the better. Instead of guessing how to get your email delivered, all major email receivers are asking senders to make email easy to identify.

This process is called email authentication, and DMARC is the right way to do it.

DMARC is the building block for modern email reputations systems. If you’re not sending DMARC-ccompliant email, your reputation is a mish-mash of IP addresses, your ESP, and factors that may be beyond your control.

Take control of your reputation by deploying DMARC across your email, and be judged on the email you send!

DMARC is used today to remove fraud from the email channel. You can benefit from the same anti-phishing controls enjoyed by PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, and lots of others.

Redmain helps everyone benefit from the strong security provided by DMARC. Once you accurately deploy DMARC, you can tell receivers to quarantine or reject illegitimate email.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning all about DMARC’s continuing impact.

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