What is CRM going to transform in your Sales and Marketing Campaign?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) cloud apps allow sales managers to monitor and analyse their team’s activities so they can forecast sales and plan ahead. For sales reps, CRM cloud apps make it easy to manage customer profile and case history information, freeing up their time and empowering them with expertise.

For marketers, analysing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on your Web site, in email, or with Google AdWords is crucial, to ascertain the who, what, how and why of what leads are working.

The Salesforce CRM cloud-based apps let Indian marketers track sales leads and sources, route leads to the right salespeople in real time, and provide the analytics that reveal the bigger picture.

What is CRM changing in the realm of customer service?

Google or Twitter is the cutting edge channel for customers looking for product information, diverting traffic from your call centre. To deliver stellar customer service, use Salesforce’s cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software to dovetail all the conversations that happen on Indian social networks with the information at your agents’ fingertips, saving you money and getting your customers what they need – faster.

What is CRM Cloud Platform?

Marketing, and service professionals in any industry need optimum ease-of-use in their CRM apps – which is why they are turning to cloud computing. Work smarter with our CRM platform: it gives you easier customisation and higher user adoption. Never look back with Salesforce CRM apps; they work the way you do.

What is CRM Cloud Infrastructure?

Successful CRM customers rely on a proven, trusted infrastructure to run their CRM applications from a virtual data centre.

Salesforce delivers superb CRM service in four key ways:

High reliability: uptime that exceeds 99.9%
High performance: data access in less than 300 ms
High security: industry certifications such as ISO27001 and SAS 70 Type II

Multitenancy: multiple customers can share common technology and run on the latest release, much like Amazon.com or Google. Your business can lean on us to upgrade all their applications and infrastructure—from the cloud. Your company needs the freedom to manage CRM, not manage technology.

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