Brand Identity

The brand name ENMAIN consists of two words “EN” and “MAIN”. The two letter word “En” defined in Oxford Dictionary is “a unit of measurement equal to half an em and approximately the average width of typeset characters, used especially for estimating the total amount of space a text will require”. And the word “Main” defined in Oxford Dictionary is “chief in size or importance”. Prior to Enmain, our brand name was Redmain Network.

A Great Relationship is about two things, first, find out the similarities, second, respect the differences. Our brand identity is a unique expression of our strategy.

As a company, we’re focused on delivering world-class services and experiences to our clients. Our new brand identity reflects our commitment to simplicity and standards in everything we do.

The identity is a simple typography that is revealed by the unique and creative color behind it. These expressions represent the creative and dynamic nature of our company and our employees, who embody our brand every day in the services and experiences they deliver to our clients.