About us

Enmain is an independent management consulting firm, has a network of like-minded, trusted industry experts, covering key areas like customer experience, employee experience and customer relationship management practices. We help you to implement state-of-the-art digital workplace and best customer experience, sales and marketing strategies in your organization.

Our consultants have the credentials, hands-on experience, and deep-industry expertise to confront pivotal issues with the skills and commitment such issues demand. We know our clients expect results, and that’s exactly what our consultants deliver.

How we are structured

Enmain is the brand under which the member firms and independently practicing consultants of Enmain Consulting LLP (Enmain Consulting) operate and provide professional services. Together, these firms and independently practicing consultants form the Enmain network. ‘Enmain’ is often used to refer either to individual firms and independently practicing consultants within the Enmain network or to several or all of them collectively. If you are a management consultant interested in Enmain, welcome to join our team.

The future of work

We are a 100% remote organization with no offices except our headquarters for administration. This allows us to operate without borders. With no office distractions and greater autonomy, remote workers have the freedom to get more done. Despite the distance, remote workers make the best teammates. This is because distance demands more communication.