We are a leading business advisory firm of results-oriented professionals who specialize in creating value and restoring performance.

We are the consulting firm known for asking tough questions, listening well, digging in and getting our hands dirty. We are fact-driven and action-oriented. We move our clients forward, to where they need to be. We are Enmain.

What Do We Do?

Discover and implement the right solution, at the right time, in the right way. We are a collaborative consulting firm, we approach consultants from the needs of the clients. We provide global leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world. We work as advisers, interim leaders and partners who tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear.

How Can We Help You?

With rapid diagnosis, exacting action, practical solutions and on-site leaders. Complex problems, shifting demands and tumultuous business environments make today’s high stakes even more dangerous. Our operational heritage helps us decipher your challenges, as our commitment to value creation identifies new opportunities. Always at the ready, we stand with you.


DMARC deployment services for Indian companies

DMARC has reshaped the email fraud landscape, disrupted longstanding phishing strategies, and forced cybercriminals to abandon preferred targets. Today, DMARC is still the best remedy in the fight against phishing and spoofing. As its implementation continues to spread outward from early adopters, it has the potential to nullify an entire class of email fraud. As …

What is the difference between management/strategy consulting firms and economic consulting firms?

Management consulting firms primarily focus on helping businesses improve their performance by providing recommendations to address business challenges. This may involve looking into a division that is not profitable and/or deciding which factory to close down. Economic consulting, on the other hand, focuses on the intersection of business, economics, and law. One type of project …


OpenFarm is a pretty new project and community so please excuse any bugs you find. Interested in helping out? Become a member for free and we’ll be in contact via our email newsletter!

It is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to discover at first hand what it means to be a farmer and the fabulous work they do producing our food, enhancing the countryside and all the goods and services farmers provide. For more information, please visit openfarm.in


OpenArt is an art project focusing on the enhancement of art and cultural heritage through improved collaboration between artists, organizations and publics. In an overall perspective, art has an important role in social development. Art gives thoughts, stimulates the entrepreneurial spirit, builds sustainability and encourages consideration. For more information, please visit openart.in


Enmain focuses on three key areas for creating long lasting changes: art & culture, agriculture and environment. These three areas encompass the issues Rameesh and his team are most passionate about, and where they believe the greatest good can be achieved. While Enmain works on a wide range of issues within each focus area, we apply a distinctive approach to all of our undertakings.